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Hybrid/Remote Work
Business Continuity
Change Management

A clear explanation as to why teams are too busy and feel overwhelmed

Visibility into what the team does and where their efforts are expended

Alignment of work activities and roles with organizational objectives

Insights into how work practices could be done differently

Workload capacity of a the team and the extent to which they can undertake activities

Opportunities to gain capacity through role reassignments and organizational redesign

Detailed new role designs and capacity can be gained from each role option

Tacit knowledge for operation critical activities that should be documented

Redundancies and disconnects within the operational processes

Work activities or outputs that are non-compliant with organizational policies or industry standards

Processes, activities, and roles that are impacted by the implementation of a new enterprise wide information system

Work activities that need alignment with new systems and processes

Resources, information and tools the team requires in order to produce deliverables and meet overall objectives

Overlapping work activities and duplication of tasks and responsibilities

Work activities that can be augmented or automated

Work activities that are no longer necessary

Distribute or transfer work activities from one role to another

Root causes manifested as problems between departments

Opportunities to do more with the same resources

Disconnects between roles, processes and systems that leadt to operational inefficiencies