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Hybrid/Remote Work
Business Continuity
Change Management

Current state analysis and visibility into collection of processes, behaviours, tools, technologies, interactions, responsibilities and job roles

Processes, activities, and roles that are impacted by the implementation of a new enterprise wide information system

Magnitutute and nature of impact on people as the result of change

Urgency and importance of undergoing a process transformation

Visibility into the work activities of the team and the extent of impact as the result of change implementation

Explanation as to WHY a business unit or the organization needs to undergo change

Roadblocks, points of resistance, processes, procedures and activities that can impede the successful implementation of change

KPIs to measure change implementation success and performance

Change management strategy to maximize adoption and buy-in

Change agents and key stakeholders that are crucial to successful implementation of change

Readiness assessments and strategies to successfully drive organizational transformation

Alignment of change with the organizational objectives

Risks associated with the implementation of change