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Providing organizational intelligence for business optimization.

We provide leaders focused on optimizing their business with visibility and clarity into the workings of their teams. Having access to such detailed and objective knowledge enables our customers to confidently make the right decisions for their business.

The ability to clearly, comprehensively, and objectively understand and capture what people in an organization truly do is a deceptively time-consuming and difficult task. But having such organizational understanding is crucial to the decision-maker tasked with finding operational capacity, designing structures to fulfill new missions, or aligning to new external constraints (to name a few). In fact, without this knowledge, decisions on change are based on assumptions, gut feel, and anecdotal – perhaps even biased – information.

At ModiViz, we have made it our mission to make it easy for leaders to have clear, comprehensive, and objective information about their teams. With ModiViz leaders can focus on leading change, not gathering data.

The technology that powers ModiViz is R2M (“R-square-M”) – Role and Request Modeling. R2M enables uncovering and modeling the details of enterprise work systems. Its foundations are the product of years of research at the UBC Sauder School of Business in Vancouver, Canada. Since the company’s origins in 2008, we have extended this technology to allow us to fully and efficiently capture the complexity of any team’s work system, and provide our customers with accurate, objective, and useful information.

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“Just having a snapshot of where my team’s efforts were going  was worth the price of the project.”

“ModiViz captured the information swiftly and provide objective data on which I could base decisions for change.”

“The process was therapeutic for my team and let them feel they had a say in effecting change”